Hyukjae the Loser

  • Hyukjae loses a game and pay for the tshirt that shindong design for the members, managers and staffs.
  • There are three choices for Tailor: Brand A: 22,000won/each. Brand B: 18,000won/each. Brand C: 13,000won/each. Members chose Brand A
  • Total amount of Tshirts: SJ members (10), Managers (8), Stylists (6), Hair and Makeup (14) = 38.
  • Words on tshirt “Because Shindong is there,we exist.We are Super Juni-OR!”“Super Junior 7th album Mamacita(Ayaya)” and at the back “Look at the front of this T-shirt!”




Donghae (wearing ripped pants) was talking, Hyukjae keep on use his fingers to poke Donghae’s skin/flesh from those holes, Donghae keep on blocking Hyukjae with his hands, then Donghae slap Hyukjae, Hyukjae keep on touching, when Donghae talk about Hyukjae, Hyukjae lick his fingers and touch Donghae thighs, Donghae touch that spot and then kiss his own hand, Hyukjae got embarrassed and pat Donghae neck.

[fanaccby: witheunhae,; trans by: eunhaebemine]